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Intuitive YES! 6-week Course

Tune into your intuitive senses & trust your inner voice.

Do you:

  • Feel disconnected from yourself?

  • Experience frequent fear and anxiety?

  • Have trouble trusting yourself

  • and your feelings?

  • Find yourself riding the emotional wave of what's happening around you?

  • Question yourself and your decisions?

  • Look to others for advice of what you "should" do?

  • Feel unsatisfied with your life?

  • Want to go after your dreams, but feel unclear on how to get there?


If you find yourself resonating with any of these feelings, this is for you.


You're not alone.


What if you could trust your inner compass and let it show you the way forward?


Join this course to:


  • Get in tune with your inner voice

  • Own and hone your unique energy

  • Claim and fine-tune your inner gifts

  • Develop DEEP trust in your intuition and internal guidance

  • Create the shifts you desire from the inside out


In 6 weeks, we will:

  • Dive into the fundamentals of energy & intuition

  • Create your energy maintenance routine

  • Distinguish your unique energy signature from the fields of those around you

  • Strengthen & raise your frequency

  • Learn the difference between intuition & other nudges that speak to you

  • Connect with your inner guidance, gut feelings & intuitive senses

  • Examine the stories you tell yourself & own the power to create your reality

  • Develop trust in yourself & fine-tune your abilities

  • Build your intuitive gifts through active practice with support & feedback

It's time to tune into your Intuitive YES.


The 6-week Intuitive YES! course includes:

  • 6 self-paced learning modules on the fundamentals of energy and intuition to build the foundation of your intuitive practice.

  • Direct support from me via email so you can feel supported in fine-tuning your intuition, which means faster results and more dynamic experiences within your intuitive practice.

  • Weekly activities, self-reflection exercises, and opportunities for feedback so you can dive into the learning process and integrate the lessons along the way.

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