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Collective Guidance - April 12-18, 2021

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Present themes and lessons:

Dreams, trusting your inner vision, channeling your creative fire

What visions have you been receiving in your dreams and waking life? What do you want to create in this world through the focus of your clear, unbridled energy? You hold so much power and potential within you that is ready to burst forth. All it takes is your pure belief and the power of your aligned action put behind it. New beginnings are in the air, but you must trust yourself to create from the heart and soul. If it feels heavy, let it go. It's time to soar.

Current guidance:

Remember your power.

Watch out for the places where you may play out old patterns or go to extremes out of fear or habit. Cultivate inner balance, and trust what you feel inside above all. You may not see tangible progress yet, but what you feel is on its way is coming to fruition. Breathe. Trust.


What risk can I take today?

In order to truly align with your dreams and receive what you desire, you will need to take big risks along the way. When you are called to take the leap, do you hesitate and sit in fear, or do you trust yourself to fly?

Pocket version for the week (screenshot & refer back to it whenever you'd like):

*This is a new collective guidance offering I am trying out. I am making it available to the public for the month of April as a free preview of this type of content. Beginning in May, I may reserve this offering exclusively for monthly members of my site.

Let me know what you think and if you'd like to see this as a regular offering on my site!

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