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Collective Guidance - April 19-25, 2021

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Present themes and lessons:

Maintaining pure intentions, exercising discernment, trusting the process & expressing deep gratitude along each step of your journey

When we are in a void space, the uncomfortable feeling of not knowing what's next can often pull us out of our center and make it more difficult feel pure gratitude for what we're experiencing. Though you may feel blindfolded right now, unable to see the next step in front of you, trust that you are being guided. Nothing has gone wrong. You are perfectly on time. Continue listening to your soul & cultivating your pure heart as all your blessings appear in front of you.

Current guidance:

Begin again.

We've spent the last several months clearing the slate of past wounds, patterns, & behaviors. Now we have the opportunity to begin from a brand new space. Get out of your usual routine and do what feels good to your soul without expectation. Remember there is no competition when you're in your lane. All you desire is truly possible. Get out of your own way, trust the process, and believe.


Where am I called to use my voice right now?

Now is the time to be brave & go after what your heart desires. Have you been speaking clearly & taking risks in pursuit of your dreams? Or have you been waiting for results without speaking your truth & taking action? The time has arrived. Be bold.

Pocket version for the week (screenshot & refer back to it whenever you'd like):

*This is a new collective guidance offering I am trying out. I am making it available to the public for the month of April as a free preview of this type of content. Beginning in May, I may reserve this offering exclusively for monthly members of my site.

Let me know what you think and if you'd like to see this as a regular offering on my site!

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