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It's Okay to Need Things

It's okay to have big, grand, beautiful needs and express them loudly, openly, frequently.

It's okay to need things. And want things. A lot.

You are not "too much" for having needs.

You are a brilliant and beautiful human being with needs and desires and dreams and complexities.

The right people will not shrink back from your needs.

They will see you, acknowledge you, celebrate you, and help these beautiful needs to be met.

It's okay to have needs

And express them

To someone you care about.

I think I tried not to have needs for a long time

Because my needs were never truly met as a child.

I actually need a lot. And want a lot. Much of the time.

I am not a one-woman island.

This may sound like an obvious statement. And on some level it is.

But it is something I have always strived for.

Something not truly possible

That I tried to fit myself within

Because I was too afraid

That if I had any needs at all

They would not be met.

For so long I've been treated

Or have thought that

People only wanted me around for what I could give to them

And so I have given

And given

Until I had nothing left within me.

I am opening into a new space

Where I am able to receive.

Something I am just now feeling

Fully, in my body

For the very first time

After 32 years of life

I have a lot of needs

I love and honor my needs

I let them expand and take up space

I ask for what I need

With no guilt, no shame

And all my needs are finally met.

It's okay to have needs

And to openly express them.


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