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January Collective Energies - Choose Your Own Adventure Style

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Welcome to the new year! It’s wild to say that it is 2022. As a universal 5 year, 2021 ushered in a great deal of change and upheaval that was necessary to prepare us for the next phase. The last year stripped us of any outdated or rotten foundations that would have collapsed under the weight of what’s to come.

As a universal 6 year, 2022 offers us something different. This year is much more focused on building the new than dismantling the old — though depending where you are in your own personal process, there still may be some remnants to clear out before moving forward.

The number 6 represents unconditional love, divine harmony, symmetry, familial bonds, and deep inner healing. These themes will come further into focus over the next year, incorporating the learnings and lessons we’ve gleaned from past experience.

We have been witnessing a widening split within the collective that continues this year. Each individual’s trajectory and experience is based on what is chosen with their own free will.

With this in mind, it feels important to create these updates with a new lens — a “choose your own adventure” approach, mirroring each person’s unique choices and journey along their path.

Choose your message from the options below.

Path 1: If you’ve been feeling down, depleted, or exhausted…

January is calling you back into your power. Are you in touch with the fire in your bones and your belly? Do you feel the inner drive from within, or have you become detached from it?

It’s time to plug back into yourself as the eternal source. Your body is calling you home to yourself.

The exhaustion you’ve been feeling is telling you to rest, but even more than that, it is asking you to get back in touch with your joy.

What excites you? What liberates you? What makes you feel happy, carefree, and full of life? What brings you to a place of joy? It’s time to reconnect with whoever and whatever in your life makes you feel this way.

If you aren’t sure about the answers to these questions, spend some time reflecting. Now is the perfect time to get back in touch with what makes you feel alive.

We are not here to simply survive. Where have you been living from a place of survival rather than embracing and immersing yourself in your life?

Often when we feel down and depleted we are giving our energy to outside sources, whether we know it or not.

How can you bring the focus back to yourself? How can you nourish, validate, and support yourself instead of doing so much for others, or caring so much about what they think?

Now is the time to refocus on yourself. What do YOU need? How can you give this to yourself?

The news can wait. Social media can wait. The chores can wait. Work can wait.

Instead of looking at screens, checking off your task list, or listening to someone vent, what can you do to reconnect with yourself today?

Sit on the Earth. Ground your feet down into the soil.

Put your hands on your belly. Breathe deeply. Feel the life entering your body.

Let go of what is no longer serving you. Sit in the sun. Look at flowers. Run your hands through each blade of grass.

Rest, but also replenish. Your body is asking you to return to yourself. Will you oblige?

Path 2:

If you’ve been feeling energetic, excited, or joyful…

You’re sensing the new beginning that has already arrived for you. Can you feel it? Smell it? Taste it? Even if you cannot see it in physical form, it is here for you, which is why you’ve been feeling this way. The soul knows far before the mind when a gift has arrived.

Your task for January is to lean further into this feeling. Allow it to grow roots, as firm as deep as a mighty oak. The winds of the world may sway your branches and your leaves, but that will not move you from where you are.

You already know what to do. You feel it deep within you. Your heart is open and leading the way.

When challenge arises, it is important not to close your heart. Do not lose sight of what you already know. Do not be convinced that what is yours has not come.

You know this game well — the practice of seeing through the eye of the soul rather than relying on your physical eyes.

If trying circumstances arrive, remind yourself — nothing has truly changed.

I am safe. My blessings are safe. This is all part of it.

There is nothing to fear. Nothing to do. Nothing to plan, or figure out, or fret about.

You are right on track. You always have been.

The portal is here and now.

The portal is your soft and open heart. You hold it all within.

Breathe deeply.

This is your time. You already know it is meant for you.

All that’s left is to continue down the path that’s already laid out.

In perfect timing, everything comes in.

You’ve made it.

Celebrate! Give yourself a pat on the back.

You win.

Path 3:

If you’ve been feeling tense, anxious, or fearful…

January is asking you to take a step back.

Your body is trying to regulate itself. It is also trying to tell you something.

Zoom out your lens a little. Start observing yourself.

What is the common thread?

When do you feel most anxious? Does the anxiety correspond with anything, anyone, or any activity you’ve been doing?

Where does the anxiety come from?

When we are consumed with anxiety, this can be a difficult question to answer. It feels pervasive, like it IS us. Like it comes from within and outside and everywhere all at once.

Close your eyes. Breathe.

Anxiety lives in the past and the future. Never the present.

Come back to the space you’re in. What do you notice around you? Look around and name 5 things you see.

Learning to be present with ourselves, even in the midst of uncomfortable feelings, can be the way out of this loop of anxiety.

Take another deep breath.

What is happening around you right now, in this very moment?


Anxiety lives in the mind space, but takes a toll on our bodies. Mental chatter that can seem impossible to shut off.

But what if you could?

What if you had the power to let go of the anxiety?

What if, every time you notice it beginning, you could come right back here to the present moment and start again?

Look, you just did it.

Hey, you did it again.

How does that feel? What does it feel like to let go of the weight of the world and relax your nervous system?

Fear and anxiety can be indicators that we are overwhelmed — not just mentally, but energetically as well.

Overwhelmed with stimuli, with people, with outside energies, with information. Overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings and responsibilities and “what-ifs” that almost always live entirely within our own minds.

What would happen if you gave yourself permission to disconnect from the world for a while?

Not to isolate, but to restore. To get in tune with your own song, your own story, your own vibration again.

When we center within ourselves, when we learn to live within our own energy, something shifts in a huge and fundamental way.

We learn what it feels like to be US again. To swim in our own energy. To breathe our own oxygen. To think our own thoughts and feel our own feelings, rather than taking on so much that the world is spinning in.

January is inviting you to get back in tune with yourself. To sit with this anxiety until it melts into something else. To observe the steady paths it takes time and time again. To connect the dots, to follow the trail until you find your way back to your home (self) again.

This is the path. Your body is telling you something. Let it lead the way.


(Going forward, the extended version of these messages will be available exclusively for monthly supporters of my website. I wanted to share them publicly today so everyone can try out this new approach and style.)

No matter where you’re at or what you’re experiencing today, trust that it is tailor-made. You are right on track and right on time, now and always.

I love you.

Let’s create unconditional love and harmony in 2022.

As within, so without.

Happy New Year.

And so it is.


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