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Retrograde Season: Star Child Podcast Episode 5

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Episode 5 of the Star Child Podcast is here! Join me as I talk about retrogrades, the experiences and opportunities they bring, the themes of our current transits, and how to use this period of time for your highest benefit.

We currently have multiple planets in retrograde, with more beginning in the month of July. Many of these transits last through the rest of the year and will be impacting the energies until then. I will be putting new episodes out twice a month for the time being (keep an eye out every other Wednesday)! Join my email list or follow the podcast on various platforms to be informed when future episodes arrive (new episodes will always be announced here at The Star Child Podcast can now be found on most major podcasting platforms. Listen in on the player below, or find more places here.

Say hello, check out behind-the-scenes content, and support the podcast as part of the Star Child Podcast community! Thank you for being here! I appreciate you. Tawny

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