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Relationship Deep Dive

$777 for 2 sessions or $1333 for 4 sessions

Deep Exploration of Relationships and Connections

This is for you if:

  • You desire to explore your connection with 1-2 people in your life

  • You're seeking understanding of each person's unique energy and how it contributes to the connection between you

  • You're ready to explore the dynamic between you, how you can relate more successfully to one other, and tools to navigate the connection

  • The connection you wish to explore can be romantic, platonic, or familial

2- or 4-session packages can cover the dynamic between you and one other person. To explore the dynamic between you and up to two other people, please book the 4-session package so we have ample time to explore.

In these sessions, I use your birth data to gain insight into your connection and dynamic from an astrological perspective.

Please note: Birth data for each person, including birthdate, time, and location of birth are necessary for these sessions. I will only conduct these sessions with full consent of each of the people involved.

After booking, you will receive a link to schedule your remaining sessions.

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