About Me

I have always been called toward healing work, but I wasn't always sure what form it would take. I knew from an early age that I loved talking to people and helping them through what they were facing in the present moment. I especially loved feeling the shift in energy and perspective that could take place through the course of a seemingly simple conversation. I have always seen things from a unique lens, and I found that I could help others by sharing how I looked at the world.

My deepest desire was always to understand myself and the world around me. I poured myself into my studies to try to make sense of what I had experienced in my family system and the world at large. I was fascinated by human behavior and loved having deep, healing conversations with those around me, so I decided to pursue a career as a therapist. I received a Bachelors in Psychology with a Minor in Sociology, and went on to get my Masters in Social Work while training for this role.

Once I started working in the mental health field, I learned quickly that my expectations did not match the reality. I saw immediately that I did not fit into the systems that existed; in fact, nothing about them made sense to me. I advocated for larger changes in the existing systems and felt resistance come at me from every angle. I tried again and again to no avail. They did not want to change.

For a period of time, I tried to alter my own expectations and conform to what was present, but I never fit in. Each time I would try, I felt deeply unhappy and even more disconnected from myself. At some point I realized why I was having so much trouble adjusting to the status quo. I wasn't meant to adjust. I was here to create something brand new from the heart and soul.

And so I set out to create what I could see so clearly in my mind's eye, that didn't seem to exist anywhere else. A creation that came from deep within me and resonated with every aspect of my being. Every experience throughout my life, both personal and professional, has brought me to where I am. I have integrated all my learnings into the work I do now.

I have merged my perspective and spiritual gifts with my history, life experiences, and education, both formal and informal, to create unique offerings that are aligned with the essence of my being. Every experience, every sacred piece of me comes with me into this work. This is beyond a calling — it is exactly what I am here to do. Every intuitive nudge, every pain and disappointment, every detour along the way led me perfectly into this — my purpose. I am so grateful and honored to share it with you.


My Journey

I have been deeply connected to the unseen realms since I was a small child. I came into the world with an understanding of profound truths without knowing how or why. I just "knew" and would often surprise and baffle the adults around me with what I had to say and what I picked up on without words.

I grew my gifts through a perfect series of experiences in my childhood and beyond. Traversing this personal darkness was key to developing and understanding my purpose in this world and the abilities I held deep within me. Every experience along the path was central to me learning my soul's lessons and fine-tuning the gifts I had come into the world with.

I fell deeply asleep for a number of years in early adulthood as I was disconnected from my true self and the calling of my soul. I did not trust myself and constantly looked to others for validation and approval that what I was doing was "right." I felt bitter, angry, worn down, tired, and apathetic much of the time. I always had strong intuitive feelings, but I had learned to ignore and suppress them for much of my life.

Everything changed in a single day with a destined soul encounter. I was suddenly awake and full of life, and realized that it was time to shift everything around me. Nothing resonated anymore. I let go of all I had built and started from scratch. I had never felt more free.

I was jolted awake, and the rest is history. I began shedding all the layers I had been carrying with me and let go of my Earthly baggage. I felt every ounce of my pain and found that it opened me to all the joy I had been missing. I began to reconnect with my gifts and abilities. I followed the feeling - the pull of my heart and soul leading me back to myself - and I remembered who I am. Who I always have been.

I learned to trust my intuition and started to follow it for the first time in my adult life. I realized how much I relied on external validation, and worked to free myself from this. I did the things I was most afraid of. I made the changes, walked away from what did not serve me, and lept, over and over again, into the unknown. I was terrified. The call was strong and I did it anyway. I am so, so glad that I did.

This process of release and rediscovery led me to this precise moment. Full, whole, conscious, embodied in my divine presence from the depths of my soul. Fully trusting in myself and my intuition. Sovereign, joyful, free.

I remember who I am. I remember what I'm here to do. I am so grateful for every moment of this divine journey. I would not change it. I am so happy to be here. It is my greatest blessing to share myself - truly, authentically, deeply - with you.


My Approach

I am called to lead others deep into their healing work in order to emerge reborn on the other side. My work begins with identifying the patterns and limiting beliefs you have been carrying deep within you. Once these are brought into conscious awareness, we work together to clear these blockages once and for all so you can step into the true power that has always been yours.

I have found that this life is so much more about unlearning than learning. Once you release the layers of unconscious programming you've carried throughout your life, everything becomes clear again. You are free to choose. Free to remember who you always have been, and breathe life into that being. Your entire existence begins to be guided not by external events or opinions, but by who you are on a soul level.

The intention with my work is always to lead you deeper into trust and connection with yourself. This is where all your answers lie. I am here to help you remember. To remind you that you've had the key all along, and the power to claim it. To support your true essence in taking center stage and expanding this piece until it is all that remains. I don't specialize in keeping the status quo; I specialize in breaking it.

Are you ready to transform from the inside out? When you commit to your inner healing, you open the pathway to joy and abundance in your life. It is my passion and privilege to work alongside those aligned souls who are committed to their inner growth and development. If you'd like to work one-on-one with me, I would love to connect with you!