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Divinely Planted is my creation in communion with the divine. My approach transforms everyday self-care items into multidimensional tools that promote deep healing, alleviate difficult experiences, and provide support along your path.

Made with natural ingredients, essential oils, and homegrown herbs, each creation is infused with my unique brand of energy work and serves as a remote healing session anywhere in the world. My creations work on multiple levels at once to facilitate healing of the mind, body, and soul. 

I prioritize sustainable, Earth-friendly practices in all that I do. This includes using recycled and compostable materials, as well as reusing containers whenever possible (learn more about our recycling program here).

All my creations are handmade in Alameda, CA. Plants and herbs are grown in-house and are lovingly rooted with intention. I craft everything in small batches with the current energies and each creation is unique, as I do not make the same item twice.

You will not find an energetic signature like this on the market elsewhere. I put my heart and soul into my work, and it shows. I hope you love the offerings I have to give as much as I do. It is my ultimate gift and blessing to create them for you.

With so much love,

Tawny Estrella

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