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Five years ago, I didn't own a single houseplant. I never had. Frankly, I didn't think I could keep them alive.

Something shifted for me in the summer of 2018. All of a sudden, I couldn't stop thinking about plants. This had never happened to me before. I was perplexed but curious. I followed the pull.

I got my first houseplant, then my second. To my surprise, they thrived. I realized that they responded to my energy, to all the love and care and attention I poured into them. Soon enough, my home was filled with dozens of new plant babies who have only continued to multiply and grow.

Shortly thereafter, I learned about propagation and started rooting my own cuttings with love and intention. In 2019, Divinely Planted was born.

The rest is history. The living, breathing plants that bless my home have continued to multiply. Their lovingly-rooted offspring have gone on to live and grow in many other homes, continuing this beautiful cycle of life.

I am so grateful to learn & grow from these beautiful beings, and share them with you.

With so much love,

Tawny Estrella

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