Tawny Estrella

Intuitive healer & energy worker


My Story

I have always had a passion for deep healing and systemic change, and have spent my life dedicated to this work in many forms. My career began with a focus on individual therapeutic work, group healing, and large-scale change creation within the mental health and social justice fields. 

After working within these systems for nearly 10 years, I felt called to shift my focus and create something different than before — a new approach and healing modality through my own unique lens. As a natural healer and energy worker, I now combine my formal education, training, and experience with the gifts I have held since birth to fulfill a deeper purpose.

This union of disciplines is key to my distinct, soulful approach in facilitating profound healing, restoration, self-awareness, and growth. My work centers on open-hearted connection, conscious creation, and moving through transformation into true remembrance of self.