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Tawny Estrella

Your guide to "this is TOO easy" levels of growth

for your soul, plants, & business


I've been there...

I've lived my life following everyone's advice and wondered why I felt miserable and disconnected from myself.


I've gone through the motions and done things the "right" way only to find myself in an endless loop of angst, exhaustion & burnout.

I've tried to fit in and silenced my intuition while she was screaming to be heard.


Until I woke up one day and realized I can't live this way anymore.

If you're feeling this way, you're not alone.

You already know the way.

Imagine a life where you...

Follow your inner voice with "f*ck yeah!!!" levels of trust.

Cultivate "OH GOD YES" pleasure & abundance.


Think "this is almost TOO easy" as you watch your life flourish.


Feel grounded & secure no matter what bullsh*t comes up.

Have the confidence to say "let's go again!" when you hit a roadblock.

What would it feel like to live the life your soul's been begging for all this time?


I'm Tawny

I'm an intuitive guide and a highly sensitive soul with a deep fascination for plants, the stars, and all things energy. I trained as a therapist and worked in the mental health field for ten years before beginning this work.


I've been on so many sides of the healing world. I got frustrated with the traditional pathways and learned they often don't work...

Not because they aren't well-intentioned, but because they fail to take into account the uniqueness of the person in front of them.

The deep inner work is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

My distinct approach combines aspects of psychology, astrology, intuition, and energetics filtered through the lens of my experience.

What does this mean for you?

We get to the root of who you are and use this as our inner roadmap.


We dive in deep while cutting any unnecessary corners.

We center your unique energy and tailor the process to your energetic blueprint instead of using a cookie-cutter approach.

I'm so excited to show you how my approach can serve and liberate YOU.

What people are saying...


Okay, so that may seem aggressive but it’s TOTALLY true!!!

The session I had with Tawny was sooo good!! We were in Voxer riffing back and fourth and EVERY single question I had she answered with excitement, and such detail.

I don’t know a lot about astrology BUT Tawny made it soooo digestible and applied it to my day to day life SO WELL! I feel like I walked away with so much from this session. New knowledge, new awareness and ways to apply all of it to my day to day life!!!

We talked about why I have certain things showing up in my life at this time and having this session truly gave me SO MUCH CONFIDENCE to keep moving towards my BIG dreams & desires!

This experience was like a month of astrology support & coaching in one session!

I am MIND BLOWN and forever grateful for this experience!! She is 100% my GO TO astrologist from then ON!!

If you’re curious and don’t know what to expect, book the session anyhow!!

Tawny has an incredible superpower of holding a safe space & giving you the knowledge that is most impactful within your day to day life!

- Rachael H.

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