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1:1 mentorship for the woman who's ready to embrace her power & step into her inner fire.

For the woman who's done playing small.


For the woman who's ready to be seen, to be witnessed, to be held (even when it feels scary as hell!).


For the woman who desires to step forward, open her heart and receive.

For the woman ready to own her natural power & create ripple effects in her world.

Abundance and authenticity are your birthright. 

Let's unleash your magick.

This is for you if...

Visibility feels scary or unsafe


You struggle with being seen


You feel more comfortable blending into the background or focusing on other people


Sharing yourself with the world brings up feelings of doubt, shame, guilt, or fear

Speaking up and stepping out of your comfort zone feels impossible and brings on a mental spiral

You're ready to...

Discover your voice and allow yourself to speak, sing, and shout from the rooftops


Feel comfortable and confident sharing your true self with the world


Lean into the deep knowing that your message needs to be shared and is begging to be heard


Regulate your nervous system through the difficult moments and create powerful internal stability


Validate yourself from within and create the perfect environment for your voice and your dreams to thrive

The Details

2 months of high-touch mentorship

We move fast as we tap into the core wounds that have been holding you back from your fullest, rawest, truest expression of self and dissolve these in our work together so you can start showing up in the world as the complete badass you are.

4 one-on-one sessions

We connect the dots and explore what's coming up for you so we can remove any blocks and get you out of your own damn way at lightning speed so you can get back to living your beautiful life and opening to receive allllll the gorgeous things that are already lined up for you.

Private support via voice & text chat

We communicate in real-time as things play out in your life so we can address them head on and keep things moving. This means on-the-spot support, faster results, and more breakthroughs for you as you navigate your day-to-day life with me in your back pocket.

1:1 Transform Session

We explore where you've been and where you're going through the lens of your astrology chart and your unique energy to fast-track the process of getting in tune with your core self. This creates a powerful understanding of your path and a profound connection to your voice that ripples into your life and gives you a boost of courage to show up as your most authentic self.

The Energy Exchange
$1111 paid in full or $555.55 x 2 monthly payments

Are you ready to emerge as the gorgeous fiery phoenix that you are?

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