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Instructions for Use

When you're ready to use your Divinely Planted energy healing creation:

  1. Close your eyes, take three deep breaths, and connect to your intention/the intention of the creation. If you have trouble connecting with the intention, place your hands on your heart and focus your energy there as you breathe. Continue until you feel calm and clear, then try connecting with the intention again.

  2. Safely set up and light your candle while holding your intention in mind. You can choose to blow the candle out and use it multiple times, or allow it to burn all the way down in a safe space.

  3. Use the creation while holding your intention. Invite the mind to be still, be present in your body, and notice what you experience.

  4. Listen to your body during and after using the creation. Energetic clearing and shifting may happen. Stay hydrated, rest, and allow the energies to integrate. Pay attention to any emotions, intuitive feelings, or epiphanies that may arise. Make note of any imagery that repeats in your waking life or in dreams. 

  5. Relax and allow your body to receive the healing!

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