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A Love Note From Deep Within My Bones

When your legs are weak and your arms are heavy, lay your head on my shoulder and I will remind you of all you are and all you’ve conquered.

I will hold the ground steady. In the sacredness of silence and the softness of empty space.

Until your chest is open. Until you are full and ready to stand. Until you remember how to move forward again.

When my steps start to falter and I can no longer put one foot in front of the other, let me lean my weight on you and you can carry me.

This is the great dance. The beautiful interchange. The welcome exchange. Between two people who hold true unconditional love for each other.

If a union is lacking one side or the other, it is not the union for me.

I am much too tender to be treated with anything but the utmost kindness. The gentlest love. The softest refrain.

You are much too precious to be treated with anything other than pure, beautiful, celebratory love that flows through the very essence of your being.

Embrace your sensitivity. Embrace your fears. Embrace all that you’ve kept safe, locked away and hidden.

Your gentleness is medicine to the world. As is your pain.

When it is expressed openly from the center of your heart, the core of your being, it comes through in the most beautiful of ways.


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