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A Road Map to Your Deepest Desires, Wounds, and Sensitivities

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

I had such an interesting conversation with a friend today about some challenging family dynamics.

I had a strong wondering about her family member's Chiron sign and after we talked, she looked it up.

The insights were so on-point to absolutely everything she had been experiencing and talking about.

I am such an advocate for using one's Chiron sign as an entire love language.

When we learn more about our own, we better understand our wounds and sensitivities, what we're ready to let go, and how to extend love and kindness to ourselves.

When we learn more about it for our loved ones, so many things click into place and end up making sense in a way that they didn't before.

This doesn't mean we take responsibility for someone else's wounds. And the clarity we receive from learning about this can shift things monumentally.

Can you imagine if the people you love had a roadmap to your deepest desires, wounds, and sensitivities? Not to use them against you, but to help them to love and understand you more deeply?

Can you imagine having access to this for those you love most in this world?

This knowledge changes absolutely everything.

THIS is why I'm so passionate about this subject.

It has shifted so much for me and so many people I've worked with simply by learning about it.

Major changes, transformations, and realizations have been unearthed through this information.

I've seen it with my own eyes and felt it deeply within my own heart.

This information changes lives, changes relationships, changes the way we see and experience things.

If you're ready for the shift, check out my Chiron Series or book yourself (or someone you love) a personalized reading.


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