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An Urgent Message for the Collective

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Myself and several other connected souls I know have been receiving a lot of messages & insights recently about what’s to come.

Here’s my interpretation of what I’ve been receiving. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

We’ve reached a kind of energetic tipping point/turning point in the collective where things are beginning to shift.

The way this may LOOK on the outside can feel incredibly scary, depressing, hopeless, difficult, even debilitating.

This does not mean what’s shown on the outside is actually true. This does not mean what’s on the outside actually holds power over you or others in the way it’s claiming to.

The world does not look darker right now because it’s actually gotten darker. The world looks this way because all of the corruption, evil, dense energy & destruction is being EXPOSED.

This energy has always existed behind the scenes. We were just blinded to it.

This period of time is about expelling the SHADOWS that are within each and every one of us.

You may notice those around you becoming increasingly irritable and ready to snap at any moment. You may be seeing the true colors of many around you — sides of them you never knew were there before.

This is the purpose of this period of time. To bring everything in our inner darkness out into the light.

This also means we have to SEE and WITNESS this darkness. Not only for ourselves, but collectively worldwide.

To put it bluntly - this looks fucking SCARY.

Fear closes down your ability to discern and think critically while opening you up energetically. This means you are more susceptible to outside energies, coercion, manipulation, etc. while in the frequency of fear.

This is important to keep in mind in the coming days, along with the knowledge that you are SOVEREIGN and SAFE.

Safety does not come from giving your power away to someone else. True safety comes from being fully rooted in yourself, living your values, standing your ground, and relying on your own inner guidance from WITHIN.

Many will go mad during this time. The intensity of the shadows coming up within and around them may be too much.

YOU have a choice. You have a choice of what you focus on. You have a choice of what you choose to see (the intensity of the shadows — or the true purpose behind it all). You have a choice of what you do with your body. You have a choice of how you treat yourself and others.

While the “powers” of this dying system claw at your feet, YOU have the choice of who you will be. What you will sacrifice. What you will participate in. Who you will (or will NOT) throw under the metaphorical bus.

I do not believe in dividing or polarizing. These are all tactics used to keep us in fear, in hate, separated and mentally enslaved to the system that has run us for generations.

Each of us has a sacred choice of what to do with our free will.

I choose to honor and uplift every single person’s RIGHT to do as they choose.

I choose to exercise my free will to walk with kindness, with perspective, and continue speaking truth.

I see how scary the world can look right now. I am well aware of what we are facing.

And this is part of it. This is the turning point. This is the moment where the volume turns all the way up. This is the time that we see what we’re really made of.

My takeaway at this time:

  • Do not let yourself give in to fear, to hopelessness, to hate.

  • Do not believe the lies and illusions that are being cast your way.

  • Trust deeply in the purity of your heart and the direction of your inner compass to guide you.

  • FEEL into situations from a pure, calm place within you more than you rely on your physical eyes to tell you what is real.

  • Examine your existing beliefs and be willing to take in new information. Keep an open heart and open mind.

  • Know your own values strongly, and continue to abide by them.

  • Help others where you can, but it is not your responsibility to “teach” “lead” or “save” anyone. Care for yourself and stay on your own path regardless of what anyone around you is saying or doing.

  • If you’re here right now, it is for a reason. You could have been alive at any other time in history, but you are here RIGHT NOW. What are you here to learn from this? What are you here to contribute?

  • HOLD THE LIGHT. Whatever gifts you have to offer to the world, whatever you are called to do — don’t stop doing it. Exercise your joy every day. Take moments to bask in life’s simple beauties. Remind yourself why you are here and what makes this life SO worth living, regardless of what may be going on around you.

Keep going. I love you. We’ve got this.

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