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Benefits of Retrograde Transits

People talk a lot about the challenges of retrograde transits, but I always see them as opportunities.

We currently have a TON of planets in retrograde (I have a video on this + an entire podcast episode as well).

Rather than holding fear around these transits or expecting the worst, what happens when we shift our lens to see the benefits they’re offering us?

Here are some of the opportunities that are being presented to us through the current retrogrades:


  • Clean up our communication

  • Set boundaries with ourselves & others

  • Get clear on what we desire and shape our thoughts & beliefs to match

  • Speak our mind & stop putting up with shit we don't want to experience


  • Recognize where we've been playing small; open up to receive & expand

  • Reflect on our personal growth

  • Revisit and claim missed opportunities

  • Align energetically with our lucky breaks & true path to abundance


  • Reflect on past actions and intentions

  • Allow outdated paradigms to crumble

  • Create new systems, structures & foundations for the future

  • Address feelings of restriction

  • Restore karmic balance & reap the fruits of what we've sown


  • Integrate changes that have happened & notice how they've affected you

  • Reflect on where you feel free & authentic vs. where you feel boxed in

  • Let go of limitations, honor your uniqueness & let your freak flag fly!


  • Address self-destructive patterns, beliefs & behaviors

  • Dive deep into shadow work

  • Face & conquer your deepest fears

  • Step into your inner fires of transformation & emerge reborn


  • Revisit past wounds from a new lens

  • Honor & care for your inner child

  • Examine old stories & write a brand new narrative

  • Find the lessons within the pain

  • Step into the gifts beyond the wounds

What are you leaning into? Which retrograde transit is affecting you most right now?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Sending you so much love,


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