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Collective Themes & Experiences

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

We’re in the midst of an intense transitional & transformational time — and we have some hard-hitting eclipses & astrological transits coming up for the end of the year.

Everything that is coming up for you right now is here to show you something. It is not meant to feel easy, clear, or comfortable. These lessons are tailor-made.

Current themes and experiences playing out within the collective:

  • Feeling mentally, physically, emotionally exhausted

  • Body aches & pains, acne, flare-ups of dormant conditions

  • Feeling "in-between" worlds

  • Sudden feelings of disorientation, confusion, hopelessness, extreme anxiety, or depression

  • Rapid cycling between different moods and states of being

  • Not knowing what's coming next and feeling extremely afraid of the unknown

  • Questioning/doubting/second-guessing yourself

  • Noticing sudden shifts or rifts in your relationships

  • Major revelations coming in -- gaining new understanding and seeing things completely differently than before

  • Old feelings, patterns, or people from the past coming forward

  • Shooting your shot, being your authentic self, and speaking your truth. No one can successfully pretend anymore.

Who’s feeling this?!

If you could use some support in deciphering & moving through the current shifts, check out my offerings.

Sending love to you all.

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