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Core Wounds by Chiron Placement

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

I've been thinking a LOT about Chiron lately.

Chiron is the planetary body known as the "wounded healer." It represents our deepest wound in this lifetime.

The good news? In moving through this core wound, we also develop and discover our deepest gifts.

To me, this is one of THE most telling placements in the entire astrology chart. I can learn more about an individual by looking at their Chiron than I can with any other individual piece of the chart.

I decided to make a quick cheat sheet on core wounds by Chiron sign:

Aries: The Wound of Worthiness, Individuality, & Self-Doubt

Taurus: The Wound of Stability, Security, & Value

Gemini: The Wound of Words, Intelligence & Communication

Cancer: The Wound of Family, Home & Abandonment

Leo: The Wound of Talent, Approval, & Recognition

Virgo: The Wound of Perfection, Fixation, & Criticism

Libra: The Wound of Relationships, Loneliness & Social Connection

Scorpio: The Wound of Isolation, Trust, & Deep Emotion

Sagittarius: The Wound of Purpose, Belief, & Hyper-Independence

Capricorn: The Wound of Status, Success & Accomplishment

Aquarius: The Wound of Disconnection, Alienation & Belonging

Pisces: The Wound of Faith, Betrayal, & Victimization

If you want to find your Chiron placement, I made a quick tutorial to let you know how!

To learn more about WHY your Chiron placement matters, check out my recent video.

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I've had so much fun doing this reading for the folks who have booked already. I'm excited to dive in deep with you!


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