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Eclipse Season Poetry

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Feeling so grateful for all the beautiful lessons and experiences that I've been given during this season of exponential growth and learning. I wrote something that captures the feeling I've been sitting with lately, and wanted to share it with all of you. Thank you for being here with me, for witnessing me and my journey, and for steadily walking your own. You are deeply needed, and contribute to this world more than you know. I am thankful for you.


Traveling through timelines

Paragliding through parallel realities

Umbrella falling through universes

I shift so quickly I barely take a full breath

These times

The whole world is shaking

Isn’t it lovely to see her rise?

Truth is a fine thing to tune into

It’s there when you look beyond the lies

Your body is a fine tuning fork

What a specimen

Built precisely to guide you through all life’s lessons

You are a gift

Do you see it in yourself?

Reach down deep to the core of yourself

And tell me what you are isn’t beautiful

I bet if you get all the way down

You’ll understand

What I mean when I say

You are a blessing for existing on this Earth

Each and every one who walks it

You serve a solemn purpose

You are far beyond

What you have been told about yourself

You are everything wrapped in cells

Put some respect on your name

And start believing in yourself.

<3 Tawny Estrella

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