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Embracing the Imperfect

I was a perfectionist for most of my life.

Not because I wanted to be.

Because this is how I learned to keep myself safe.

I grew up learning not to show anyone my flaws, my quirks, my weaknesses.

I worked SO INCREDIBLY HARD for years to maintain this near-perfect veneer.

(It was EXHAUSTING and super lonely & isolating too…)

At the time, I didn’t know any other way.

I was afraid to show what was underneath. In my childhood, I was attacked for being me.

This programmed a huge reaction within my nervous system whenever I would show my true self to someone.

Alarm bells would go off in my mind.🚨 “DON’T YOU KNOW IT’S NOT SAFE TO SHOW WHO YOU ARE?!”

I learned that in order to feel safe, I needed to retreat behind the mask I put on for the world — made up of my accomplishments, what I could do for other people, my “socially acceptable” persona.

I’m grateful to say… that era has expired.

Now I’m EMBRACING the fullness of who I really am.

This means showing and sharing myself, just as I am.

Imperfections, yes. Fears, yes. Authentic thoughts and voice, YES YES YES.

I am finally seeing just how beautiful it is to be me.

I’m here for it all. 🧡

If you’re ready to get in tune with yourself and feel comfortable as fuck in your own damn skin…

If you’re ready to embrace your gorgeous imperfections and allow your soul to finally sing…

I’ve got something new coming very soon.

Stay tuned 🌟

Send me a message or check out my offerings at 💙


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