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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus - November 8, 2022

Early this morning, we experienced a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. This is the second in a series of two eclipses, which closes out the window that was opened with the New Moon Solar Eclipse two weeks ago.

This eclipse falls in the 8th house (the house associated with Scorpio) in Taurus alongside Uranus and the North Node. This energy ushers in destined endings and shifts that have needed to take place for you to soar.

With Uranus involved, this is "anything can happen" energy. While Uranus (and eclipses in general) can be unpredictable, the North Node's influence assures us that whatever happens right now, however unexpected or turbulent it may feel, is actually aligning us with our destined path as we move forward.

The combination of this Earthy and watery energy grounds these changes into our physical reality, and also brings up emotions to be faced from our inner depths.

These emotional moments are actually here to facilitate the physical shifts we're experiencing. Whatever is coming up for you right now is meant to be felt, acknowledged, and healed from a new place than before.

This lunar eclipse is opposite Mercury, Venus, and the South Node in Scorpio, all within the 2nd house (the house of Taurus.) This combination is asking us to revisit where we've been, how we've communicated in the past, and the relationships we've held dear.

What patterns have we played out in our minds, our communication, and our connections with others? Are these same patterns and behaviors truly working anymore?

Some of these ways of being are now outdated, and for anything that has run its course, we are being asked to release it or to see it from a new perspective in order to take a grand leap forward.

With the lunar eclipse squaring Saturn, any areas of restriction or stagnation in our lives are being highlighted, often in uncomfortable ways. Whether we try to cling to these structures or not, we simply cannot stay stuck anymore. This eclipse will not allow it.

The moon, Uranus, and the sun all fall at 16 degrees. This is a Cancer degree, which can bring up additional emotions, but also asks us to consider how we feel in any areas that feel like home.

How is your family life? Do you feel safe and comfortable in your home? What would you like to cultivate to make your life at large feel more easeful, more peaceful, and more stable in ways that feel deeply nurturing to your heart and soul?

The tension between our internal and external lives is coming into focus right now. What have you always dreamed about that you haven't acted upon? What deep feelings lie within your heart that you haven't spoken aloud? Is there something that you deeply desire that you haven't allowed yourself to claim, acknowledge, own, or admit that you want?

Now is the time to let the light in and open the door to all these feelings, all these wishes and dreams you've held. While it may feel like it's in opposition to your external reality, the influence of the eclipse is here to propel you forward in accelerated and unexpected ways.

The clearer you are on who you are and what you truly want, the more easily the universe can align you with the experiences you're truly meant to have and all you desire to create from your core.

This energy is SO potent and so powerful. It can truly bring a lot of emotions, experiences from the past, and unexpected thoughts and feelings to the forefront. If you're in the midst of this now, you're not alone.

AND there is so much to be gained from these experiences and this energy. The cycles that began with the eclipses six months ago are finally closed. The themes that emerged and the seeds that have been planted during this eclipse season will bear their fruits six months from now.

Though the energies can push us to what feels like our limit at times, through this we actually discover that we are more than what we've thought ourselves to be. We have more potential, more room, more expansion, more gifts and life and beauty than we ever thought possible before.

This moment is the portal we've walked through coming to a close. There is so much on the other side than we've realized. We haven't even seen it yet to know the wide expanse that is truly possible and readily available for us now.

There is so much yet to come that we've never experienced before.

Experience the feelings as they come up for you. Ride the emotional waves and lovingly sit with yourself as they roll through you.

No matter how large and impactful the waves may be at times, they have a predictable rhythm that you can count on. They have a sacred flow.

They are always there underneath you, safely guiding you to the shore.

I am sending you so much love as we close this eclipse window and step into a brand new paradigm.

Here's to going where we have never gone before.


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