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How Will the Upcoming Eclipses Affect You?

Are you ready to find out how the upcoming eclipses will impact you personally?

Look up your birth chart + the transits on the day of the eclipse to see where this New Moon Solar Eclipse falls within your chart. I shared a video on how to do this here.

When you've found which house the moon falls within in your chart, find your message below.


The focal point of this eclipse is on YOU and how you express yourself. Are you speaking up? Are you pursuing your dreams? Are you owning your desires?

Now is the time to claim your individuality, own your voice, and let your freak flag fly.


The focus of this eclipse is on what you value and how you're inviting these things into your life. This can be anything from money and material things to relationships & experiences to beliefs that you hold dear.

This can create shifts in what you're pursuing or spending your time & resources on.


This eclipse invites you to look at the way you think, communicate, and interact with the world around you. This is especially important with your close connections and in your day-to-day life.

Are you happy with where you are physically, mentally, and emotionally? What exploration and expansion is calling to you now?


Your focus for this eclipse is on your home & family life + your emotional world. Important shifts with a mother figure (or within yourself if you are in a mothering role) are also present at this time.

How do you feel about your connection to your home & family (whether chosen or blood-related)? What emotions are asking to come up & out to create what you desire?


This eclipse is bringing up themes for you around romance, creativity, self-expression and childlike energy. Where have you been holding back out of practicality or making others comfortable?

Now is the time to step out of your comfort zone and step into what you desire to create from your heart & soul.


This eclipse will be spotlighting your daily routines as well as your physical & mental health. You may find yourself changing your habits and feeling drawn to completely shift your schedule and day-to-day life.

This is an opportunity to step into how you truly desire to live your life while letting go of perfectionism that comes up along the way.


Your focus with this eclipse is on partnerships, marriage, contracts, & commitments. You may find yourself reexamining your current connections, reevaluating the roles people play in your life, & making fast changes.

You're coming into balance, but the first step often is exploring the opposite extreme. What do your relationships add to your life?


This eclipse brings up themes of sex, intimacy, mysteries, and the hidden or taboo. You're experiencing a transformation from who you were before to someone brand new.

This rebirth process can bring up deep emotions & memories from the past. Whatever arises is here to set you free, but first you must release the hold it has on you.


This eclipse brings learning and exploration to the surface as you're called toward pursuing your deepest desires.

What has circled in your mind that you're ready to dive into? What have you wanted to explore that you've held back from? Now is the time to open your mind and take the leap you desire. Long-distance travel is important.


Your career, purpose, and public reputation are coming into focus with this eclipse. Where have you felt stuck and wanted to shake up your life? Are you pursuing what lights you up?

The answers to these questions come into clear view over the next two weeks. Don't be afraid to take a risk. When you listen to your soul's calling, the path unfolds in front of you.


This eclipse focuses on friendships, group dynamics, and social structures. What role do you typically play with other people? What feels most comfortable to you?

Ask yourself: is my current role truly satisfying to me? Or do I desire something different? Now is the time to step out of your comfort zone & try a new way of relating to others.


This eclipse brings up themes of spirituality, closure, the subconscious, & unseen realms. Cycles are closing out and there is so much more at play here than what meets the eye.

Do you know what programs & beliefs you hold deep within your subconscious? You are capable of so much. It's time to rewrite your story and break out of the old paradigm.


If you're ready to go deeper, book an Eclipse Season Breakthrough with me for extra support and guidance. This includes 2 one-on-one sessions where we get insight on what these eclipses will be affecting for you personally + 2 weeks of support to help you navigate the current shifts and lean into the changes you desire.

To support you as we move through so many powerful portals this season, take 20% off all services during eclipse season with code ECLIPSE.

Happy Eclipse Season to you all!


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