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Interpersonal Dynamics in the Natal Chart

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

If you want to see something interesting...

Look up your natal chart (especially Chiron/North Node/South Node)

And compare these with the major placements of your family/partner/friends (like their Sun, Moon, Venus, etc.)

Your North Node represents your growth edge, destiny & life trajectory (the energy you're moving towards in this life).

Your South Node represents the lessons you've already mastered, traits you've developed & past life connections (the energy you're moving away from in this life).

Chiron represents your deepest wounds and gifts in this life.

(If you want to learn more, I have an entire series of audio recordings dedicated to this + a ton of information at

Often these placements correspond with close people in your life (especially within long-term or significant connections).

For example, my South Node is in Leo and my mom + one of my closest friends of 10 years are both Leo suns.

These connections are often here to move us forward and teach us something within our lessons for this life (North Node)

Give us a connection/something to break free from within our past life and experiences (South Node)

Or trigger our deepest wounding so we can see it and heal it (Chiron)

Seeing the corresponding placements can often help us understand this person's role in our life, why they may push certain buttons or illicit certain feelings within us, etc.

It always makes a lot of sense to me when I pull up someone's chart and see how these major placements are reflected within their children, partner, parents, siblings, etc.

Understanding these dynamics within your closest connections can change everything.

If you want to dive into this, I LOVE doing this deep work and making life-altering connections in my 1:1 Deep Dives.

I have 2- and 4-session packages available and these always include Chiron recordings for you & whoever else is involved.

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I'm so excited to dive deep with you.


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