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New Moon in Libra - September 25, 2022

Today's New Moon in Libra ushers in a new era in the realms of relationships, marriage, and partnerships of all kinds.

So much has closed out from the past several months during September, and this energy is amplified with the Equinox a few days ago. Anything that has been crumbling or falling away is doing so to make room for what's coming in for us now.

Libra energy is all about social connection, harmony, cooperation, and balance. In its light, Libra loves to promote peace, foster cohesion, and bring people together.

With this New Moon falling at 2 degrees, the themes of partnership and one-to-one connection are strengthened further.

This New Moon joins the Sun in Libra, also at 2 degrees. This is bringing to light anything about our relationships that needs to be seen.

Above all, Libra desires harmony and balance within their connections and their life in general. This means that anything out of alignment will be spotlighted for us now.

While much of the closure energy has passed with the Equinox, there are still some final endings and completions that are happening now as we prepare to move into October.

Take note of whatever you are witnessing now, the themes that are coming to your attention, and how they make you feel.

If you are feeling like certain connections in your life are out of balance, this is an important time to pay attention. From this place, you get to decide what must change and what you'd like to continue.

While some shifts may need to happen, these don't always need to be extreme (especially now, since Libra loves keeping the scales stable and balanced).

If you're called to take action, this can be as simple as setting new boundaries or having a conversation with your loved ones to discuss how you're feeling.

If your circumstance is calling for a larger change, you will know it. Listen to your intuition and trust where it is leading you, even if you don't know the outcome of it yet.

This New Moon in Libra is also opposite Jupiter in Aries. This creates the deep awareness of any mismatch between what you're doing and where you desire to go next — especially in the areas of life you wish to expand.

When you recognize where things are out of alignment, this awareness can be uncomfortable. If this is happening for you, you may want to move forward quickly and make these changes NOW.

Jupiter's energy is incredibly expansive and creates growth everywhere it touches. Aries is the initiator and the first sign of the zodiac that speaks exactly what's on their mind and often acts before thinking.

In other words, what you act on right now will grow exponentially AND there's a lot of impatience and desire for fast movement in the air.

Without keeping this in check, there can be a tendency to rush forward before feeling fully clear on what you desire and how to get there.

With Mercury still in retrograde until early October, it's especially important to consider words, actions, and intentions before jumping in.

While you may feel a tension between the new life you're creating and your desire to get things moving, it's best to reach clarity on what you want before doing so.

If you're still feeling unclear or unsure of how to move forward, October will bring in fresh energy with this new season and a few planets ending their retrograde transits as well.

If you've been desiring to invite in new connections and relationships of all kinds, now is the time to set your intentions, do any internal reflection and release work that calls to you, and get prepared for the influx to arrive.

For those who are ready to claim it, we're stepping into a new paradigm.

I'm sending you so much love on this beautiful New Moon,


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