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New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio - October 25, 2022

Early this morning, we experience the first in a series of two eclipses with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio at 2 degrees. To further amplify this energy, the Sun and Venus (the planet of love and beauty) are right at its side, both at 2 degrees as well.

2 is a number of love, partnership, and commitment. These planets also fall in the 2nd house, which is associated with Taurus energy (the opposite sign of Scorpio).

Scorpio is a fixed water sign and Taurus is a fixed Earth sign. Both these energies can be incredibly grounded and tenacious; on the other side of the equation, they can be stubborn and difficult to move.

Eclipse energy often brings about unexpected, destined shakeups in any areas of your life that need to change. With this strong 2 energy present as well as this energy of Scorpio and Taurus, I see this eclipse bringing in any shifts that need to occur within your understanding of yourself, your inner emotional world, and your relationships -- ESPECIALLY if this is something you've felt resistant to.

What have you been clinging onto? What have you been avoiding or not wanting to see about yourself and your connections with the people around you?

There may be something that has come up in the back of your mind over and over again that is now ready to be brought fully into the light.

Scorpio energy is incredibly aware and likes to dive into the depths. This eclipse encourages us to go beyond the surface and dig deep into whatever we're drawn to at this time.

This New Moon Eclipse is also aspecting the Lot of Fortune, representing our natural abilities and potential for success. With this semi-square present in the Earth sign of Virgo, the shifts that are coming promise good fortune when we're able to lean into the discomfort and tension they present.

Part of the discomfort that's present with this eclipse is the simple experience of not knowing what's coming next.

This is one of the main challenges that eclipses bring. We typically like to plan, to prepare and to know what's going to happen (or at least feel like we do) as we're moving ahead in our lives.

Eclipses take predictability out of the equation entirely. This feeling of floating in a void space, this transition space between the old and the new, can be confusing and disorienting at times.

As strange as it can feel, this is the process and magick of eclipses. Absolutely anything can happen, and all the changes that take place during this period of time are specifically to move us forward along our destined path.

While we may not understand the changes that unfold until later, we can trust that they are acting in important ways for our good.

With this New Moon Solar Eclipse, we have officially opened the eclipse window, a potent energetic portal that moves us along our true path and toward our desires.

The impact of these eclipses will be active for quite a while, but the next two-week period will be the most concentrated and intense expression of this energy.

No matter what comes up for you at this time, it's important to lean into it and surrender to the experience as it unfolds.

This can be especially challenging with all the fixed energy present, which makes us want to seek stability, hang onto what we have, and stay in one place.

These eclipses are here to shake us up and out of any comfort zones that are no longer serving us, especially when it comes to our own personal patterns, protective mechanisms, and habits in relationships.

If you want to learn more about eclipses, what to expect and how to navigate the energies, I have some resources to share with you:

How to Work with the Energy of Eclipse Season with Tawny Estrella (Be You Babe Podcast with Rachael Weaver)

Eclipse Season Breakthrough - 2 one-on-one sessions + 2 weeks of support to help you navigate the current shifts and lean into the changes you desire. (Take 20% off all services during eclipse season with code ECLIPSE)

I am sending you so much love as we move through this season of so many shifts and changes. Beautiful things are here, and beautiful things are coming.


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