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The Journey Home to Yourself

This journey will strip you bare and shine a spotlight on all your broken places. All the wounds you hold, all your deepest fears, beliefs, and conditioning you hold inside yourself. This journey will push you to remove layer after layer until you truly don’t recognize yourself. All with the intent to bring you back to the purest version of you.

The version of you that got buried under all that pain, all the lies and illusions heaped onto you, all the trauma and the wounding you experienced that felt like it would kill you so you stuffed it down. It wasn’t time to face it yet, you didn’t have the tools and didn’t know what else to do.

Now that it’s time, you are shedding. It may feel unbearable in moments, like you are shattered into a million pieces and can’t make heads or tails of you. It may feel like you are splitting open, coming together and falling apart all at once; like you know yourself more than ever but also know nothing of you. Nothing is tangible. Nothing is solid.

This is the process. This is the messy, real, vulnerable process that it takes to get back to the heart of who you are. It is not always easy. It does not always make sense. It is not always pretty. It is perfectly imperfect. You are perfectly imperfect, in each moment that you allow yourself to be.

Not in the ways you define yourself, explain yourself, put yourself into neat little bite-sized pieces for the world to consume. No, you are meant to be this glorious, raw, beautiful, messy thing. This jumble of thoughts and feelings, this collision of atoms, this indescribable creation of the divine that is always present and yet formless, shapeless, floating through the ever-changing reality of time and space, hurtling toward destiny at the crossroads of each reality that makes up YOU.

There is no “doing it right.” The only way to do it is to do it fully, to immerse yourself in each moment, to not understand and do it anyway, to doubt and still persevere, to trust and keep going, to show up from whatever place inside of you that has light.

And that, my dear, is all of you. Light is found in the wounds. Light is found in the shadows. Light is found in all the parts that you consider most broken. Light is woven into every piece of you.

THIS is your glory. THIS is your path. THIS is your beautiful chaos and the line you draw across the sky as you strip bare, turn on your inner light and accelerate faster than you’ve ever imagined, streaking a bright yellow line between the stars you grace along the way.

You are a beacon. Just as you are.

You are doing it. Let go of the expectations. Keep being you. In every moment.

And stop believing that you could ever fail in being exactly who you are.


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