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The Power of Moving Beyond Fear

Lately I've been asking myself: What would I do if I wasn't afraid?

And then doing exactly that.

You know what I've realized by practicing this?

Fear is a liar.

It can feel extremely compelling, yes. AND it’s important to recognize that we no longer need to live in survival mode.

Sometimes our body’s deep remembrance of the most difficult experiences of our lives is not protecting us — it is keeping us stuck.

What would happen if you never again made a decision out of fear?

What possibilities would open up within and outside of you?

I will tell you from experience that going toward the fear is one of the most challenging experiences. It is also one of the most brilliant, freeing, and positively life-changing things I have ever done.

I’ve been actively heading toward my fear over the past 6 months after avoiding it for decades. I have had so many realizations and transcended so much that previously held me back just by choosing to do so.

For when we are living in fear — when our choices are all made in avoidance of a particular outcome — are we ever truly free?

I would rather dive in. I would rather face every fear as it arises. I would rather live unbridled in my authenticity.

Our freedom is found on the other side of fear.

Are you willing to take the leap?


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