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What Do You Do When Life Gets Challenging? Don't Quit Right Before the Blessing - Star Child Podcast

What do you do when life gets challenging? When fear, doubt, and so many intense experiences arise at once, and you feel like the world is trying to get you to stop in your tracks and give up?

Join me as I talk about the power of these moments, what they really mean, and looking through a new perspective to navigate these times with grace and ease.

Listen in on the player below, or find more places here.

If you're ready to dive in and walk your journey with more support, I'm now offering transformational astrology readings and high-level 1:1 mentorship for intuitive and highly sensitives in my new offering Highly Sensitive Soul.

I will be putting new podcast episodes out twice a month (keep an eye out every other Wednesday)!

Join my email list or follow the podcast on various platforms to be informed when future episodes arrive (new episodes will always be announced here at The Star Child Podcast can be found on most major podcasting platforms.

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Thank you for being here! I appreciate you.


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