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A Quick Message for 1/11

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

111 is a number of new beginnings. Beautiful things are unfolding within and around us.

The part we don't always talk about? We must make space for their arrival.

This can often come in the form of an emotional cleansing or release.

I’m feeling a collective purge currently happening or incoming/imminent.

This is a mass emotional and energetic clearing and release. Everyone will be feeling this differently.

Some may experience physical symptoms (aches, fatigue, stomach pain, feeling generally unwell) as part of the process.

I am sharing for the sake of awareness, to let you know that if you’re going THROUGH IT, you’re not alone.

Nothing has gone wrong.

You are right on track.

When you are moving through heavy feelings and experiences, ask yourself — what am I making room for?

While it may not be fun or glamorous, this is a huge part of the process of healing, transformation, and release we are each being guided through on our own individual journeys.

Instead of resisting the feelings, distracting, externalizing or trying to figure out “why” — what would happen if you allowed yourself to simply feel everything that is coming up for you in each moment?

This is what we're being asked for as we take the leap into our brand new beginnings.

Do you trust the unfolding? Will you surrender to the process and allow it to lead you through to the other side?

Deep breaths. You've got this.

Sending so much love to you all <3


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