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Chiron's Wisdom: Discovering Gifts Within the Wound - The Podcast Episode That Almost Didn't Exist

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

My brother saved this episode.

Literally. This wouldn't have existed without his help. Let's talk about it...

I recorded this episode on Monday and the entire thing came absolutely flowing through me. I enjoyed the process, got chills multiple times while recording, and felt so satisfied with the message afterward.

Yesterday, I was in the midst of editing when the ENTIRE FILE GOT CORRUPTED.

In an instant it was just gone. No program on my computer could open it. I couldn't even get back the raw version of the audio. It had disappeared completely.

I was immediately panicked and disheartened. I had felt so good about this episode (and the fact that I was going to be done with the editing a full day early) and suddenly things had changed.

Even though I didn't understand how yet, I had a strong feeling that I was going to get it back. It was important I keep trying, regardless of how long it took.

I worked to recover the episode for more than TEN HOURS yesterday. Everything I tried did not work. Finally, as I was just about to give up and felt another pull to keep going, I discovered some instructions online for repairing corrupted files. This method only worked on Windows computers and I have a MacBook. Still, I knew I needed to find a way to try it.

While wracking my brain for a solution, it suddenly dawned on me that 1) my brother has a PC, and 2) he has a high level of technical savvy. I called him with desperation in my voice and within 10 minutes of receiving the file, he had repaired it.


My initial round of edits were lost but that didn't matter when I had the recording back. I spent today re-editing the episode and I'm so happy to present it to you now.

So... without further ado, I present to you this beautiful episode that goes deep into Chiron's insights:

The gifts and wounds you carry are two sides of the same coin. Join me as I talk about Chiron, its impacts and insights, and what we can learn from this beautiful placement within our astrology chart. Chiron is the planetary body that represents your deepest wounds in this lifetime and provides a great deal of insight into your healing focus and soul's gifts. As you heal, the very things you have struggled with become your strengths that empower others to move through their own experiences.

Not only is healing possible, it is the vehicle through which you uncover your life purpose and find the gifts you are meant to share with the world.

Listen in on the player below, or find more places here.

Want to learn more about your Chiron placement? Check out my brand new Chiron Series for audio recordings on Chiron in each of the signs.

If you'd like to dive even deeper and understand how your Chiron placement interacts with your unique energy profile, I offer a personalized service that uses your birth data to tailor your Chiron messages specifically to you.

I will be putting new episodes out twice a month (keep an eye out every other Wednesday)! Join my email list or follow the podcast on various platforms to be informed when future episodes arrive (new episodes will always be announced here at The Star Child Podcast can be found on most major podcasting platforms.

Say hello, check out behind-the-scenes content, and support the podcast as part of the Star Child Podcast community!

Thank you for being here! I appreciate you.


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