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Conscious Programming

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Literally just about everything you see in the media and popular entertainment is designed to keep you in a docile, disempowered, fear-based, controllable conditioned state.

These are active agendas with billions of dollars of backing behind programs created to distract you from what is truly happening and keep you angry and fearful so your energy can continue to be exploited and siphoned.

When strong emotions such as fear, rage, guilt, shame, etc. are introduced into your system in conjunction with specific narratives they have the ability to hijack your cognitive functioning and misdirect your energy.

All the while you feel like you are making conscious choices toward what you believe in, while aspects of you are literally being puppeted.

In short - this is mind control.

Notice when you question certain narratives or make a choice outside the norm, you see immediate palpable reactions in your direction? That is not coming from a place of conscious awareness.

These are deeply programmed reactions that have been purposefully embedded with the intention of control.

If you have a switch that can be pushed instantly upon hearing a certain word, being asked questions, or witnessing others making different choices than you - are you truly free?

Your energy and your decisions are meant to remain in your hands. I pray you use them consciously.

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