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Dare to Be Yourself

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

My perspective has shifted completely over the past year as I’ve seen countless illusions crumble before my eyes. So much of this “reality” is made of smokescreens and shadows that appear convincing when they dance at certain angles in the light.

Keep your eyes open and your perspective wide. Trust what you feel, not in the fleeting emotions that come and go, but in the knowing that rests deep in your bones. If it doesn’t sit right, question it - whether it’s something you see in the media, a loved one’s viewpoint, or a thought that appears in your own mind.

Anything that is true and purely intended does not need to be over-explained or incentivized.

If there is no room for questions or differing opinions within a space - look out. Though you may feel you agree at this point in time, someday you may see things differently. When that day comes, will there be room for you to change your mind? To make your own choices and go your own way, in a direction that is more aligned?

To fit in with the crowd and avoid rocking the boat, are you willing to give away that right? Or will you stand firm in your truth regardless of what others may say?

Dare to be you. Dare to see things differently. Dare to speak up and ask the questions that have been on your mind.

We are each here to see from our own perspective. We are not here to blindly follow the crowd. No one wins when we sacrifice our individuality to become a cookie cutter version of the self.

I form my own conclusions. I rely on my intuition and the strength of my own mind. I assess each narrative with a thoughtful and discerning eye.

Embrace your unique power. When you do, we all benefit. You are meant to see things as you do. Your perspective is a gift. Cultivate it. Own it, sink into it, and feel your authenticity grow.

Trust in yourself. You know more than you may think, all on your own. Follow your inner compass and trust the direction it leads you. Take the leap, free yourself, and find the truth that rests within your soul.

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