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Energy Update - February 8, 2021

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

We are experiencing a huge clearing and release of old energies, patterns, and experiences on an individual and collective level as we conduct a major review of the past. You may receive sudden clarity and epiphanies as old memories resurface to be viewed from a new perspective. Be willing to release the stories you’ve held onto and clear the remnants of the past from your system - they are not serving you anymore.

During this clearing and review period, you may experience extreme mood swings and energy shifts (rapid cycling of emotions from moment to moment). Symptoms also affecting the collective include increased fatigue, fogginess of the mind, extreme thirst, vivid dreams, pain/dryness/tightness in the throat, changes in appetite and food cravings, upset stomach/solar plexus sensitivity, and waking up exhausted due to large amounts of clearing/resetting/receiving of information on the astral plane.

Pay attention to the messages you receive in dreams and how you feel after waking. Cultivate a deeper awareness of your body and notice how it is feeling from moment to moment. The particular symptoms you experience point the way to what is currently being released and worked on. For example, if you are experiencing a sore throat, there may be shifts happening in your throat chakra. Stay hydrated, utilize herbal remedies, and practice firmly and kindly speaking your truth to assist with clearing these feelings.

If you are actively participating in your healing journey and addressing these lessons as they come up, much of this process will be complete by the end of the month. Symptoms should begin to feel lighter after the end of Mercury Retrograde on February 20. It is critically important that we pay attention to what arises at this time and allow ourselves to receive new insights and perspectives. Rigidly holding onto old beliefs and feeling the need to be “right” or prove your point will only block you from moving forward. Repeating these lessons is a valid option; please remember that each iteration will be experienced as more extreme and challenging as the universe ramps up external circumstances to encourage full surrender and release of the past.

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