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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius - May 26, 2021

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

This full supermoon and lunar eclipse in Sagittarius kicks off a huge shift in the realm of honest expression, personal freedom, truths being revealed, and new understanding/application of deep inner wisdom.

We have felt this energy building for a good while now, and shocking revelations, events, and changes have already begun.

The form this takes will differ for all of us, as we are each working on our own unique soul lessons and carry our own personal wounds created through past experience. These tailor-made shifts remove all that is unnecessary or has run its course to push us toward our destined path.

Whatever is coming through for you now - what has been revealed, what you feel differently about, whatever has shown itself to you in a new light - trust yourself to receive, understand, and act on the messages that are coming in for you and you alone.

If no one else understands or sees things the same way, this is not a reason to doubt yourself or despair. We are not all meant to see the same things.

They do not understand because it is not their message. They do not agree because it is not their path. Now is the time to stand boldly and unapologetically where YOU are meant to stand. This doesn’t concern anyone else. Where do you feel called to? What feels important for you to stand up for? Who are you when nobody else is around?

Step up and BE this now. Be this in every moment of every day. The time for playing small is behind us. The time for conformity has been long over. Now is the time to stand up freely and express the deepest wisdom of your heart and soul. Use your own inner voice to guide you. No one else knows YOUR way.

Use the current energy as a boost of support to take the leap as you are guided. You will know what it is for you. Whatever you’ve been putting off, questioning, or avoiding - the time has come for you to do it.

Your soul has perfect wisdom and divine timing. Your soul is always with you, guiding and instructing you along the path. Have you taken the time to truly listen? Or have you allowed others’ voices to drown yours out?

We each get more of what we create and focus on. Where does your focus lie? What have you been feeding and contributing to? If you don’t like your current life, what are the ways that you have created what you’re living through? Do you have the courage to take an honest look so you can make a different move?

The choice is yours.

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