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How a Chiron Placement Can Play Out in Day-to-Day Life

Remember how I’ve been talking about our wounds (represented by Chiron) coming up strongly this month? (If you missed it... check out my post on the March Collective Energies for more.)

Okay… story time. Read on if you'd like to see how our Chiron placement can play out in day-to-day life.

My Chiron is in Cancer — the wound of home, family, & abandonment. In some cases, it can also represent the Mother Wound.

This means my primary wound in this life centers around my family and home life.

My experience with this has been heavy and incredibly nuanced.

My father was the most obvious source of wounding for a long, long time.

I’ve since uncovered some of the subtler themes that were playing out at the time, but for most of my life I was aware of one thing — masculine energy felt scary, unpredictable, and threatening to me.

I grew up around very unstable, egoic, abusive masculine energy. This is the shadow masculine, the distorted masculine, the wounded, unhealed masculine, which is nothing like divine masculine energy.

I didn’t know how to tell the difference between these things for a long time.

So generally I’ve felt attacked by, harmed by, and threatened by men throughout my life. This has played out in many different scenarios over time in order for me to understand it and work it out from within.

I’ve seen a theme coming up again for me lately of feeling unsafe/threatened/fearful of certain masculine energies. Of course, this has been coming up in my physical experience to remind me of these old wounds & activate them again within me.

Here’s what I’ve noticed recently:

  • The people showing up in my experience represent unbalanced, distorted versions of masculine energy.

  • They remind me of other scenarios where I was actively unsafe.

  • These examples are arising right now to help me to see a longstanding pattern, belief & fear so I can uproot it and never replay it from that place again.

This is a turning point.

Once I started connecting the dots, the individual experiences took on a whole new meaning for me. They even *feel* different to me. They don't hold power anymore in the same way.

Seriously, I am able to trace back connections to these recent triggers over the course of this entire lifetime. This is incredibly significant.

We all have patterns like this in our own ways, whether conscious or unconscious. When we bring them into our conscious awareness, we create the opportunity to change them.

As hard as it can be to step back and view our experience from a zoomed out lens, this is often the very thing that connects everything together and allows us to uncover a deeper takeaway from our experiences.

This is coming up for ALL of us right now, in ways unique to each of us.

These opportunities DO NOT always feel good. Quite the opposite sometimes. And they are golden opportunities nonetheless.

This energy will be increasing as we lead up to the Full Moon in Virgo on March 18, which aspects Chiron. No matter how uncomfortable it may feel, it is happening FOR us.

As we lean into the discomfort to discover something new, we free ourselves from generations of past wounding and reveal the profound gift held within.

While it can feel easier to shut down, ignore, or avoid the triggers that are arising altogether — they are here to show us something.

What has been coming up within your environment recently? What buttons are being pushed within you?

What are these patterns and experiences trying to show you?

Want to learn more about your own wounds and how they hold the key to your incredible gifts? Check out my new offering on Chiron's Wisdom.


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