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July Collective Energies

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

I typically have a strong feeling at the beginning of each month about what themes will be playing out, but this month feels a bit different to me. There is something still shifting, moving, unsettled in the energy. This reminds me of a card in the Moonology Oracle Deck - “Nothing is yet set in stone.” This may sound scary, but it is actually incredibly beautiful. From this space, anything is possible.

I’m feeling a lot of brightness, sunny energy, and light spots emerging throughout the month. Whatever is happening for you, there is so much happiness to be had here. This feels free-floating — that feeling of being joyful without needing a reason to. Though things are shifting, there is a new sense of comfort in the not knowing. There is a sense of groundedness here. Presence is enough.

There is a major illumination coming through for many. What was previously buried, hidden, or confusing is now crystal clear. Whether the information is what you’d hoped for or not, there is a sense of relief in the air. Whatever the outcome, it is easier to know. It is easier to be aware and have the clarity needed to move forward with what you truly want.

As always, our individual choices and focus have a big impact on what plays out and how we will perceive it. This feels even more critical during this period of time. We have been in the midst of incorporating large shifts and changes since the eclipses in late May/early June. July feels like an entirely different animal. This feels like a shift into a new world.

The tides may still be shifting, but we each have the ability to ride the waves. Are you swimming against the current? Or will you choose to grab a surfboard and coast with ease into the space you’re being moved to?

This all feels like such a beautiful thing. Energies that usually feel heavy are unable to keep their grip. They slide right off of you. They have no impact. The only thing that can hold you in the old experience is YOU.

If you do feel held back, ask yourself what are you clinging to? What feels scary to let go of? What are you carrying that you no longer need to?

The door is open to a brand new world. It is ready for you. Are you ready for it? All you need to do is open your hands and step through.

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