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Lessons from Nature

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Out of the darkness springs new life. I swear, plants exhibit ALL the things I talk about on a regular basis. Nature is the best, best teacher.

A couple of my herb beauties went dormant for a while. A mess of brown stems where there once had been bright green leaves. On the surface they looked lifeless, but I knew if I waited and continued tending to them that they would spring back up in perfect timing. Lo and behold, here we are.

Everything in life goes through its seasons. Often we give up on something (or even ourselves) when it doesn’t “appear” to be thriving. Humans can be so quick to toss something aside when it doesn’t seem fun or easy anymore. When we get caught up in this perspective and this pattern, we can miss out on so much of life.

We are resilient. We always keep going. We are beautiful and perfect in each and every stage of being. Sometimes we need to go through a period of dormancy to send our roots down deeper and uncover brand new growth. This is part of the process. There is nothing wrong with this. What it looks like on the surface is not equal to what it truly is.

Be gentle with yourself in this time of growth. It may look like nothing is happening, or even like things are breaking down. We must go through the destruction to bring in the rebirth. Sometimes we must be planted deep in the darkness to welcome in brand new growth.

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