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Let's Cut the Fluff and Talk About Energy Work

Let’s be real here. No gatekeeping, no buzzwords, no pedestals.

Energy work is literally anything you do that moves energy.

Which is, well, most things.

Speaking is energy work.

Singing is energy work.

Dancing is energy work.

Breathing is energy work.

Crying is energy work.

Laughing is energy work.

Anything that allows the sacred life force to move and flow within you is energy work.

Anything done with intention is even more effective at moving energy.

Our energy is not meant to be stagnant. It is meant to constantly be moving, flowing, and changing.

Emotions are a form of energy.

When we allow our emotions to flow through us, they are incredibly fleeting and do not linger in the body.

When we avoid, repress, deny, or run from our emotions, they get stuck (stagnant) in our system.

This can physically make us ill. It can also contribute to things like depression, anxiety, apathy, and feelings of disconnection.

Our emotions and the physical sensations felt in the body are always trying to communicate something to us.

They are not here as a punishment, an inconvenience, or a symptom that's meant to be numbed out.

They are a source of sacred information that we're meant to listen to, interpret, and take action on.

This action doesn't need to be complicated.

Sometimes it's as simple as recognizing the emotion and allowing it to play itself out.

Please, let it ripple through your body as I say this to you.

You don't need a special certification, license, or degree to move energy.

You don't need to speak, do, or "be" a certain way.

There is no barrier between you and your energy. Except the belief that it's inaccessible, complicated, unimportant, or "woo woo. "

We all are made of it.

Working with your own energy is the most natural thing in the world.

Your feelings & physical sensations are your guides, when you allow them to be.

All that's left is to remember. This starts by feeling your way through.

Thank you for being here. I love you.


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