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September Collective Energies

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Stop. Breathe. It is enough to simply be.

We are being gifted the opportunity to sit with all that is stirring within us and around us right now. What is coming up for you? What are you being asked to see?

Yes, it can feel incredibly uncomfortable. Yes, it is often scary. Yes, it is one of the most important things you will ever do.

To lovingly examine each trigger as it arises and allow it to wash over you. To sit with yourself and compassionately remind yourself that you are exactly as you’re meant to be. That you are perfect as you are. You are divine. You are inherently worthy.

That nothing outside of you can define what you hold within. That there is great strength and beauty in releasing control and allowing yourself to BE.

While outside people, circumstances, and events may push our buttons, they do not hold control over us and what we consistently choose. These external forces often come into our awareness FOR us, though it may not always feel this way.

A critical part of entering into a growth mindset and state of open awareness is to shift the lens through which we choose to perceive these challenging acts and events that occur around us, instead of spending our energy othering/distancing/struggling in resistance to them.

While this is not always our natural response to these circumstances, an active practice of surrender, awareness, and release brings this further and further into focus. Over time, it can actually feel more natural to sit back and observe rather than jump immediately into an active response.

Does this mean it doesn’t hurt? No. Does this mean it is easy? No. Does this mean it is always blissful and peaceful and perfectly comfortable? Definitely not.

It is by leaning into these uncomfortable experiences that we allow ourselves to move through to the other side. It is by going toward what we are most afraid of that we actually free ourselves from this fear and the control we’ve allowed it to have over our life.

Everything is coming up and out right now. People’s true colors are being shown more and more each day, and the darkness truly cannot hide itself anymore. There is simply too much light beaming onto the planet. There are no shadows left to cower beneath. We are all being shown for exactly who we are.

This can feel downright horrifying at times. The deep, dark underbelly that many have carried beneath their cloaks is not pretty or easy to see.

While it can be easy to focus on everyone and everything else at this time, this is happening as a mirror to our own internal state. Every shadow that is being exposed within the collective has a place within us as well.

Now is the time to ask yourself: What in me reflects back what I am seeing? What am I carrying within me that is begging to be seen and acknowledged? How do my reactions to the outside world show me what I’ve been holding inside me all along?

This examination is not done in judgment; it is done in absolute, unconditional love. It is done as an act of service to yourself and the world at large. The witnessing of yourself, with all nuances, perceived flaws, and contradictions laid out bare, is the very path to inner freedom.

Internal peace and freedom allows more external peace and freedom as well. Whatever you create and cultivate within, you ripple out into the universe and encourage outside of you as well.

From this heart-centered place, we sew together a brand new world. One not built on lies or treachery, death and destruction, abuse and manipulation. One built instead on true acceptance, deep roots of love, kindness and patience.

This is the foundation upon which we are building this brand new world. Each person holds their piece. And, as we have been shown time and time again, the entire process starts and ends with you. Within you, diving into the heavy, dark, and deep. Lovingly holding and witnessing everything you experience, and everything you see.

When we learn to approach ourselves with this much raw loving kindness, we give this as a gift to the world too.

The world is ready to receive your gift. Are you ready? It is already within you. Now is the time to dig in.

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