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The Medicine is in the Pain

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

We often feel pain as we shed the layers shrouding our soul and move through the fire of alchemical transformation. Breathe, dear one. This too will pass. This is part of it all. Continue moving forward and soon you will emerge on the other side, reborn.

We are taught to avoid pain at all costs. What if instead of avoiding your pain, you chose to face it and move through it head on? When we face something, we allow it to fall from us. What we avoid continues to hold on.

You give yourself a profound gift when you choose to stop running from your pain. You reclaim parts of yourself that you thought had been lost and reintegrate them within your being. You discover the true depth of your power and strength. Your shadows transform from seeming enemies to beloved friends before your very eyes.

We each have the choice to give this gift to ourselves. It is in your hands, and yours alone. What do you want to create? More of the same, borne from all the unconscious places left within you? Or are you ready to experience something new? Either path is valid. The choice is yours.

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