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The Path to Healing

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Keep going. The way out is THROUGH.

So much is coming up to be felt, acknowledged, cleansed and released. Whatever is emerging right now is happening FOR you, whether it feels that way or not.

It does not need to make sense right now. It does not need to be analyzed, figured out, or explained away. It needs to be FELT.

Give yourself the gift of feeling your pain, feeling your sadness, feeling your anger and your fear and your rage. Allow it to run through you without needing to assign it a story.

Your feelings are valid. You are valid. You are worthy. Simply because you exist.

On the other side of feeling the full depth of your pain, surrendering to the process, letting go of all that is not yours and all you cannot control - is freedom.

Love yourself enough to surrender. Love yourself enough to feel. Love yourself enough to go where you have not gone before.

It is safe to sit with all your most vulnerable, wounded, broken parts as they wail in grief. It is safe to hold them close. It is safe to give yourself all that was not given to you before.

YOU are your own true healer. Your own true savior. Your own truest confidante, caregiver, lover, and friend.

Treat yourself like it. Remind yourself what you are here for. Remind yourself what you are truly worth (hint: you are worth it all). Step back and take in the raw beauty of you.

Give to yourself as you’ve never given before. Sit with yourself in full connection. In full reverence. In compassion, in pain, in openness, in rawness, in grief.

Your every shape and shadow is worthy.

This is the way out. This is the way through. This is the way home.

This is the path to healing.

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