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The World Needs Your Medicine

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

We each carry a unique medicine for the world.

This gift only becomes fully available when we dive deep within the self to discover and embody our true authenticity.

The truest expression of our authenticity arises from the very core within us. The core of who we are that we have carried since birth.

Over the course of a lifetime, this core often is buried beneath countless layers. Layers of societal programming, survival mechanisms, social conditioning, fear and pain and obligation and the expectations of others.

When we dare to remove these layers, when we choose to shed them like a heavy winter coat, we are then able to access and embody the core self that has always been within.

From this place of pure expression and integrity to self, we activate our unique medicine. This is what we are meant to share with the world.

It looks different for each of us. But it is no less valuable, no less meaningful, no less important. We all have a sacred offering to give.

What are you meant to bring into the world? What is your unique gift, your unique medicine, that no one but you can bring forward?

You in your truest form are the salve for someone else’s pain. The roadmap for someone else’s journey. The match to someone else’s soul.

When we first learn to honor ourselves from a deep, authentic place — we in turn offer this kindness to those around us. This happens naturally and without effort when we allow ourselves to be exactly who we are.

What within you needs to be bolstered and held in high esteem in order to activate this great gift you hold? What are you here to give, first to yourself and then to the world?

When you quiet the mind and ask yourself these questions without expectation, you will hear the answer. There is no need to wonder. Your soul already knows.

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