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We Were Born For This

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Some of us have been training for our role on this planet every day of our lives.

The process was not easy. It tore our hearts from our chests, ripped us open, left us gasping for breath. Sowed our lips shut, cut our tongues out, installed barbed wire around our necks. Sometimes it split us fully in two until we could find a way to put ourselves back together again.

Nothing was accidental. All was preparation. We moved through the hardest paths to step into our highest purpose. This is precisely what led us back to ourselves.

So many of us found our power through these perpetual deaths. By enduring the impossible, bearing the unbearable, we have freed ourselves. We have realized that we are beyond limits. Entirely uncaged, unrestrained, unencumbered. Unbroken. Untethered. Unbreakable. Free.

If you are one of these souls, our time has come. You will know it. There is no question. Just a pure and steady calling from the deepest recesses of your being.

I am so grateful for all I have endured, and all it has taught me. It prepared me perfectly. All in its time. All exactly as it’s meant to be.

Come what way, I am not afraid. I beam light into the darkness. I integrate and transmute from within. I observe and see clearly. You cannot harm one who has died many times over. You cannot fool one who trusts their inner knowing. You cannot break a soul who has built themselves back up from within.

I stand solidly in my purpose. Fully in my presence. I will not stop beaming. We are the warriors we’ve been seeking. Stand up and light the world from within.

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1 Comment

Beautifully written and so true!

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