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What is a Portal?

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

I initially published this post prior to the 2/22 portal. In honor of the 6/6 portal today, I've updated and expanded it to include some additional information.

With so many powerful portals happening for us, I wanted to share their significance, and what I really mean when I talk about "portals."

Portals are opportunities to massively change and improve your life, not by forcing or controlling the process, but through the power of your alignment.

This basically translates to — when you've done the inner work, portals are times when you will see accelerated physical progress in alignment with the new "you" that's been uncovered.

This means:

  • Sudden, rapid manifestations

  • Timeline jumps (feeling like you popped out into a brand new world all at once)

  • Heightened spiritual gifts

  • Sharper skills of observation

  • Knowing something is different from before, but you're the only one aware of it

  • Greater access to high-frequency emotions like joy, unconditional love, and bliss

Portals are cosmic openings and activations through which we receive massive bursts of high-frequency energy. Portals can occur on specific dates (often with numerological significance), during particular moon cycles, between eclipses, and more.

It's important to note — the energy we experience on portal dates *CAN* feel amazing. It can also feel incredibly uncomfortable and bring up huge areas of healing for us when there is more to be done on our growth journey in the moment.

In other words, portals serve as huge catalysts for change, both inside and out. Change can be scary, and change can bring up a lot of feelings for many of us. Even when it is not fun or comfortable, these portal dates are working in your highest good by bringing these dense emotions up and out to be processed and let go of.

You may experience intense physical, emotional, and energetic symptoms around portal dates.

How you experience portals will depend upon your personal energetic frequency, your outlook/attitude toward change, how much density and resistance is still held in the body, if you're currently in the midst of a healing/shedding phase of your growth journey, etc.

Portals by their very nature promote expansion, exploration, and accelerated growth.

When we do our deep inner healing work, we release density that's held in the body in the form of trauma, limiting beliefs, unconscious programs, etc. This physically "lightens" our energy, or moves it to a higher frequency.

If you've ever seen The Hawkins Scale or heard about emotions as vibration, you know that each emotion has a unique frequency.

Shame is the very lowest frequency emotion, while acceptance, peace, love, and joy are some of the highest frequencies that exist. This is why, as we remove some of the low frequency, dense energy from our bodies through shadow work, we physically change our entire energy signature.

(This chart is the work of David Hawkins.)

When I talk about moving trauma out of the body, where so much of it is stored (especially within our hips, root and sacral chakras), this simply means feeling, acknowledging, and healing these deep emotions until they are ready for release. We can do this on our own and/or within trusted connections (therapists, friends, family members, energy workers, etc.).

When we allow ourselves to dive deep and face our greatest fears, moving through anything that has held us back previously, we shift the balance and change the kind of energies we are holding within our field.

For example, if you spend much of your time in the emotion of fear, you are more open to and aligned with the experience of fear. It will likely come up frequently for you and feel very accessible, available, and pervasive — almost inescapable at times. This is because the outside experiences that are "fearful" match up with an internal frequency you hold inside.

As you shift your overall vibration through doing the inner work, you line up with different octaves of energy and therefore open up to different experiences you may never have had access to before.

This brings us back to portals. Portals are peak energetic moments or gateways to "level up" your entire experience according to your frequency in the moment. During a portal date, if your frequency does not match up with your highest potential, you will often experience emotional and energetic purging with the intent to clear your system and bring you into alignment with your highest path.

This is why I talk about healing work all the time, and why I focus on inner healing as the primary factor in creating the life you truly want to live. You cannot create something brand new, easeful and beautiful while still operating unconsciously on autopilot or carrying so many heavy, conflicting energies within your body.

Energy does not lie, and energy cannot be faked. This means that these changes will happen only when you've gone through a true energetic shift from the inside out. The first step comes from shedding what is no longer serving in order to "make room" for the new to come in.

The more that has been shed, the clearer we feel and the more able we are to stay tuned into our inner knowing and intuition consistently, accurately, and easefully. At this point, it is especially important to stay present and connected with our inner guidance system so we are able to take precise, aligned action when we receive the green light from within.

Portals (including the recent eclipse window and 6/6 portal) are here to assist us with ushering in a brand new chapter in a brand new book. However you are experiencing them at this time, trust the process and know that everything is working FOR you — even the experiences that may not always feel good.

To best work with portal energy:

  • Spend time in safe connections and in solitude

  • Allow your emotions to flow without judgment

  • Pause before reacting; don't try to force or rush things

  • Be honest with yourself

  • Ground yourself and prioritize your needs

  • Trust the process


Portals are

Golden moments of opportunity

To take a flying leap into the


Higher timeline

You must be aligned

You must be brave

Taking bold inspired action

In divine right time

Third eye open


Stronger than the fear

We are those






Here to uplift the planet

As we lovingly uplift ourselves

Step forward with me

You are the prize.

This is a powerful, powerful time. I am sending you so much love as we leap forward into the great unknown.


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