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Who's Running the Show - Your Ego or Your Soul?

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Learning to fully trust ourselves through listening to our deeper calling is a process with layers of nuance.

I’ve heard people dismiss the entire concept of intuition before because “it’s led them wrong in the past.”

If it steered you wrong, that was not your intuition. That was your ego.

Intuition is the deep inner knowing connected to our heart and soul. Intuition is ever-present, patient, wise, and always acting in our best interest. It is up to us whether we take the time to listen to it, follow it, and hone our discernment so we can tell the difference between this and the other voices that speak to us on a regular basis.

There is nothing wrong with having an ego. Ego is part of being human. However, it’s very different to allow our ego to run the show.

I liken this to letting a small child drive your car. The child is a beautiful being who deserves love and respect, but it doesn’t mean you would put them behind the wheel. Some roles are better suited for different pieces of the self.

The ego can behave in short-sighted and childish ways without access to the higher perspective in each situation. This does not mean we need to throw out the ego altogether (or that this is even possible). Anything we reject or “fight” within ourselves only becomes bigger and louder over time. The very pieces of ourselves that we have neglected, abandoned, or ignored are the ones that act out unconsciously so we will finally notice them, address them, and give them the respect they deserve.

Ego is no different. We are not in the business of lopping off the parts of ourselves that feel “difficult” or less fun to deal with. In fact, this is what has gotten us here in the first place - rejecting, suppressing or disconnecting from the pieces of self that felt uncomfortable or that we haven’t known how to deal with.

So what instead? Instead, we integrate all parts of the self and allow them all to work together. This begins by acknowledging each aspect and listening openly to what they have to say.

Keep in mind - listening openly to a perspective does not mean fully taking it in. When we are balanced and integrated from within, we can hear the cries of all the disparate parts within us and validate them all without being rigid, “taking sides,” or needing to act.

Each piece has a purpose. I trust the soul to lead the way.

The soul knows what we have come here for. The soul knows the lessons we’re meant to learn, and all that we’ve learned before. I put the soul in the driver’s seat of my life, and include all other aspects of myself as loved participants in the same car. We all work together to head in the same direction.

My ego and my shadow play games in the back seat. My inner child sits lovingly cradled in a pillowy carseat. My heart gives directions from the passenger seat.

It is an act of loving balance to understand and listen to all parts of yourself, while still allowing your deeper wisdom to take the lead.

So now I ask - who has the wheel in your life? Do you feel like your decisions are made rashly and impulsively, like a wounded child? Are you listening to the calm and subtle voice of your soul, or is it drowned out by all the unaddressed chaos inside?

You make the decision. You have the power. How will you make the arrangement? Who do you trust to steer the wheel of your life?

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