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October 2022 Collective Energies

October has begun and a fresh new start is here! The energy of this month is quite different than the last, and brings with it so many opportunities and unexpected blessings.

October 2 - Mercury retrograde ends

October 7 - Sun opposite Chiron

October 8 - Pluto retrograde ends

October 9 - Full Moon in Aries

October 10 - Mercury enters Libra

October 22 - Saturn retrograde ends

October 23 - Sun enters Scorpio, Venus enters Scorpio

October 25 - New Moon in Scorpio + partial solar eclipse

October 29 - Mercury enters Scorpio

October 30 - Mars retrograde begins

I've been talking a lot about the numerology of September (9) and October (10 or 1+0=1). September's focus was largely on reflection, review, and revisiting and closing out past cycles. Mercury retrograde + the 5 other retrograde planets intensified these lessons & experiences.

As we move into October, these cycles have finally ended (or at least are in the final stages of completion). This also ushers in an opportunity to start anew from a new perspective and a clean slate.

The energies have been intense recently, with so much purging and release happening. Our physical and emotional bodies are clearing things out, and we've been feeling this strongly as a sense of restlessness, anxiety, hopelessness, uncertainty, or general dis-ease.

We are effectively in a void space where one chapter has closed out but the other has not yet begun.

This can be uncomfortable, but it is also an incredibly potent time ripe with creation.

The good news is, whatever last month brought up for you personally, there is an opportunity to close this out now (if you haven't done so already).

Embarking on a new journey requires opening to new possibilities, letting go of what has come before, and taking a leap into the great unknown.

This month's energy changes considerably from September's experience. First of all, we have 3 planets ending their retrograde cycles (and one new retrograde beginning), which shifts us into much more progressive, forward motion.

Retrogrades are known to shift our energy internally, and they tend to slow down any tangible indicators of progress. If you've been feeling slow-moving or stagnant for a while, you're not the only one. This was for a purpose, and things are shifting now.

(I have a full podcast episode available on retrogrades.)

This month also ushers in the second eclipse season of the year.

Eclipses tend to usher in sudden, often unexpected changes to align us with our destined path. This is one more way that things will be accelerating and moving forward this month.

(To learn more about eclipses, check out this podcast episode I recorded earlier this year.)

The theme right now is everything that is out of alignment must go in order to usher in the new.

What is coming is better than what has gone. Regardless, it is still important to allow ourselves to feel the grief that comes with moving on and letting go.

I'm trying something a bit different, and I'll be sharing more on the upcoming transits over the course of the month!

Wishing you a beautiful October as we move into a brand new era.


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