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A Message for Those Feeling Called to Clean & Organize

If you've been feeling the need to clean, organize, and declutter your space recently, I have a message specifically for you:

You're making room for a beautiful new beginning to enter your life. Though you may not see it coming yet, there is something or someone already on their way to you. This fulfills a long-held dream, wish, or goal that is close to your heart.

Continue to follow your intuitive feelings. If you feel like getting rid of something, get rid of it. These impulses do not need to make sense to your logical mind in order to be true and important to follow.

You are freeing up space to allow what's yours to enter. Don't get caught up on the specific details of when/where/how it will arrive. Instead, spend time doing what feels best to you from moment to moment. Continue to listen to your gut and allow your experience to flow.

Beautiful things are on their way. Smile. Trust. Sink into the feeling.

Embrace your inner knowing. All is well.


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