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You're Already Making a Difference in the World

You’re making a difference in the world that you’re not even aware of.

It doesn’t have to be linked to something big, or your larger purpose.

What if your larger purpose is to exist in the world as you are?

To spread your joy, your smile, your perspective, your presence and your own unique energy?

What if this in itself is enough?

Everything else gets to be extra, overflow, the cherry on top.

I was reminded of this today through a beautiful experience at my favorite coffee shop (more on this in a moment...).

You are contributing so much more than you know already, all the time, through your presence alone.

The world sees you. The world takes notice. Do you see yourself?

Story time...

I was feeling exhausted this morning, but felt super drawn to go work at my favorite coffee shop patio for the afternoon.

I almost talked myself out of it and stayed home.

As soon as I got to the coffee shop, I understood why I was called there today.

Before taking my order, the man at the register (who has helped me several times before) stopped me and thanked me for my smile.

He said that so many people come in and act so serious, but I am smiling every time. It stands out, and it makes his day.

We exchanged names and he made me the most beautiful latte — seriously a work of art.

This moment immediately snapped me out of feeling tired. I was suddenly grinning, inspired, and full of energy, feeling appreciated and seen for something as simple as smiling and making eye contact.

The truth is — as simple as this may seem on the surface, it’s a big big deal.

So often we walk around with our eyes down and our minds somewhere else, forgetting to acknowledge the brilliant humanity of those who are standing right in front of us.

May I never be too lost, too distracted, too busy, or too low to witness the radiance of all that surrounds me and reflect it back to those I see.

May this serve as a beautiful reminder:

You are all you need to make an impact on the world today.

Your energy is contagious.

Smiling is free.

Your impact does not go unnoticed.

If you're ready to deepen your self-expression and put this into practice in your life... I have 2 brand new ways to work with me to uncover your truest self and share it with the world.

My Transform sessions explore and alchemize your past in order to catapult you into the future through deep healing & integration, self-awareness, and energy work.

These combine my famous Chiron sessions with 3 more aspects of astrology to skyrocket your personal growth and fundamentally transform how you show up in the world.

In other words… these sessions create the foundation for your wild leap into the life of your burning desires.

If you’re ready to go even deeper… Emerge is a 2-month intensive for the woman who's ready to embrace her power & step into her inner fire.

For the woman who's done playing small.

For the woman who's ready to be seen, to be witnessed, to be held (even when it feels scary as hell!).

For the woman who desires to step forward, open her heart and receive.

For the woman ready to own her natural power & create ripple effects in her world.

Abundance and authenticity are your birthright.

Are you ready to emerge?

I'm so excited to dive in with you.


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