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Eclipse Season is Here

Eclipse season is here! And so are any destined changes that need to be made.

The energy of eclipses can be unexpected and fast-moving, but they are always here to align us with our truest course moving forward.

The first eclipse falls on October 25 an the next is two weeks later.

Around this time, expect anything out of alignment with where you’re going to shift and eclipse itself out of your life.

For those who would like support navigating this process and making the change they’re called to make, I have a special offering for eclipse season only.

This includes 2 sessions and 2 weeks of support to really understand how the eclipse energy will be affecting you personally and how you can best work with it as it unfolds.

I am so excited to work with you.

Send me a message to learn more and claim your spot.

Want to hear more?

Sending you so much love as we navigate the incoming changes.


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